Help us develop product cases

We are looking for senior product managers and product leaders who would like to transfer their knowledge to other product managers or product owners around the world. If you want to participate in the development of the product cases, you can choose your own subject and you will receive a template in which you can create the product case.

Product Leaders 

Share your knowledge with your own product cases
We have our product cases developed by product leaders (senior Product Manager, Head of product or Product Directors and CPOs) from all over the world.
In this way we offer our target group (PO/PM Worldwide) the opportunity to learn from the best product professionals from all over the world, without country boundaries.
In addition, the product leaders have the opportunity to share their knowledge with fellow product people from all over the world for a nice fee.

A Product Case consists of a series of assignments related to a competency of one of the following roles: Product Manager, product owner, product leader and business analyst.

A product case is a combination of these assignments supplemented with personal coaching by an experienced product manager.
If a product case is completed (positively) by the participant, he / or she satisfies the competence (s) and sub-competences associated with this product case.

Help develop our product cases