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Everything for product people and product departments in 1 App.

PO/PM Community New

Product people from all parts of the world come together to share knowledge, quickly and easily contact product professionals worldwide.


Online Community with several groups


quick and easy contact with product professionals worldwide (80+ countries)

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Always accessible via mobile or web app (24 hrs a day), always somebody online

PO/PM Level Test

Would you also like to know what your product Level is? Then quickly take the test and get your personal score and the score of others worldwide to compare your knowledge.


Test your product level on different levels


Compare your score with other product professionals worldwide


Receive a personal development plan and start immediately with current training courses and certifications.

SKS – Sharing knowledge sessions worldwide

SKS sessions are short online knowledge sessions on a current topic and last between 1 and 2 hours..


Always participate online in knowledge sessions with the most current topics


Participate in a knowledge session with fellow product professionals from all over the world


Join existing and current sessions or organize your own SKS directly from the POPM App


PO/PM Knowledge baseNEW

You have access to the latest content for product professionals. There are interviews, vlogs, podcasts, articles and more.


Our content is created and delivered by specially selected product professionals worldwide


All content is directly accessible online and via the mobile app


Exclusive PO / PM Orginals

PO/PM Product Boards 


In the POPM App you will find many different product boards, templates that you can use for example to create your own roadmaps and share them with your team.


Choose from different templates with sample content, get started quickly.


Make your own product boards completely customized and according to your own wishes.


Collaborate with your own team or put together a special team with colleagues you have met via the POPM app

PO/PM Training Courses

In the POPM App you can choose from very different free and paid courses. Online training courses, certified training courses, master classes, current product cases and much more


choice of different online (and virtual) courses


Choose from different training courses with a recognized certificate such as

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Even get a 15% discount if you use the pro app

PO/PM Jobs/ Resumes

You can also look for a nice new product job (somewhere in the world) or create your own CV and be found by fun and inspiring product organizations worldwide.


Create unlimited searches and find your dream job.


Create your own personal CV in the App and you will be found even faster.

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Get in touch with our own POPM Recruiters and let them find you a job.

PO/PM Product Cases

Product Cases are fun and challenging product assignments where you have to complete assignments in your own work environment. During 3 coaching sessions you can discuss the assignments with a highly experienced product professional.


Challenging assignments appropriate to your own level and work environment

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3 coaching sessions directly from the App with highly experienced coaches.


Choose from more than 30 different product cases. At every level.

PO/PM Certifications

You can request various worldwide known certifications directly from the app. Sometimes you first have to go through a training and sometimes you can apply for certification immediately after completing your Level Test


Apply for certification directly from the app. Choice of well-known and trusted certifications.


Certifications to be applied for with or without training


Receive a discount of up to 20% on your certification

PO/PM Masterclasses

Go through a recognized product master class directly in the app especially for experienced product managers.


Unique masterclass specially experienced product managers

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Completely online and virtual masterclass


Get your PPM-A or PPM-B certifications when completing the masterclass

The PO/PM App also has various options for Product Departments 

The PO / PM App is not only available for individual users but can also be used by product teams. For example with the special product boards.

Want to know all the possibilities for product departments?

Would you like to have a special app for your product department or would you like to meet our experienced recruiters to recruit new product professionals? Or would you like to get started with our Product Boards together with your team?

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"I never heard of it but now I use it daily."


Product Manager

I took the Level Test and it was really valuable to receive my personal plan


Business Analyst

"A lot of exclusive content/Orginals, great fun to listen to on the go."


Senior Product Owner

"What a nice knowledge session directly from the app!"


Product Manager

"We make use of the team assessments with the team, which is really fun and helpful"


Head of Product

"It is really nice to have direct contact with fellow product Owners from all over the world.”

Benjamin Cameron

Product Owner